Who We Are?

The Coille Mara team

Who we are!  Here at Coille Mara we are a Mother, Daughter, Grandson team; Yvonne, Mara and Kaemon. We care for each other, challenge each other and ask lots of questions. Each of us identifying as the learner and the learned equally.

Coille Mara Team
Mara - Coille Mara

Mara Oak

Hi! My name is Mara and my Nature name is Oak. I draw from the energy of the Oak trees, and all trees around me, to keep me balanced, grounded, and regulated.

I received a BA honours in Fine Art in 2014. In 2015 I graduated into parenthood after giving birth to my wonderful son, Kaemon. In 2019 I trained to become a Children’s Yoga instructor with plans to offer yoga classes to young people in my local area. These were quickly put on hold with the restrictions put in place in March 2020. Looking for new ideas I stumbled upon Forest School. After attending a two-day introduction course in Monaghan with Yvonne, I simply fell in love with the concept and ethos.  I enrolled in a training course taking place a few months later. This opened my eyes to a whole new way of experiencing and sharing nature. I qualified as a Forest School leader in the summer of 2022

Now I am passionate about bring my three loves; art and creativity; yoga and movement; Mother Nature and the outdoors, together in one place. Coille Mara is a space for individuals and groups to immerse themselves in the joys of Self, Other and Mother Nature, while learning to self-regulate, trust and take risks. It is my hope that the healing potential of this experience may ripple through communities and echo back to those who help it spread.

Yvonne Dragonfly

From a very young age, I enjoyed looking after children. All my life children played a substantial role for me. Be it my own three, my grandson, or the hundreds of children coming through our farm in the 10 years of running Blueberry Hill Farm.

Attending the Forest School introduction course with Mara was such a joy. All of a sudden I was surrounded by people with the similar values as I have. I could identify with the 6 principles of forest school immediately. Being able to start Coille Mara with my daughter and grandson is a dream come true. 

Be brave, be honest, be you!

about Yvonne


Kaemon is a free spirit. He enjoys the life of a home educated person. He keeps us on our toes and is sure to tell us if classes get “booooring”. Kaemon is our number one critic with hands on experience of everything we offer. 

The Meaning Behind The Name

Coille Mara – Slànù Lapadail Macalla: The Ocean Forest – Healing Rippling Echo

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Many Thanks

Many thanks to Helen Harvey for all her help building our website.

Many thanks also to St.Michaels National School Sneem for permission to use the beautiful photos they got taken by Tom Naiman 

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