Children's Yoga

At Coille Mara we take a playful approach to Yoga. Our focus is on having fun while connecting with our breath and finding our centre.

Yoga classes take place in Sneem, Co.Kerry. Please contact us if you would like to bring children’s yoga to your area or school.

Children’s yoga classes consist of simple stretches, sun salutes, asanas, yoga games and stories, breath work, creative visualisations and meditations. 

Weather permitting classes may also be held outdoors.

Yoga basically means union. The union between mind, body and spirit or consciousness. Loss of this union leads to stress and anxiety; states we are seeing far too readily in children. The fast-paced world we live in, is not allowing enough time for children to be children, enjoy nature and discover themselves. I propose a change for our children. What I have to offer is a safe space for our children to reconnect with themselves and others.

Children's yoga

Children's yoga classes

To structure my classes I am drawing from the Wisdom of the Yamas and Niyamas which originate from the yoga sutras of Patanjali written almost 2000 years ago. These guide one into harmony with oneself and others. They help us bring the calm, focused and mindful energy we feel in class, out into everyday life with us. Simplified, Yama means harmony with the world and Niyama means harmony with the self. 

Songs and Stories are a common thread through all cultures, each with a unique way of portraying a message. Through a harmonious weave of ancient teachings and modern stories, I aim bring an understanding of the importance of gratitude, honesty, generosity, kindness and respect into my classes. 

The inclusion of games brings fun action and some healthy competition, remembering to interact with others in a respectful way.  When we add song, we tap into areas of the brain otherwise neglected. Including these activities allows for creativity and meaningful interactions.

We learn traditional yoga poses throughout the class which are woven into re-enactments of stories, games and sun salutation routines. Sun salutations are a set of movements practiced in sequential order. They improve memory and bring a sense of achievement and personal empowerment once mastered. 

Pranayama means Life Force and refers to our breath. Becoming aware of our breath is a key element of Yoga. Through breathing and meditation techniques we quieten the mind, calm the emotions and relax the body. These techniques improve children’s ability to regulate their emotions.

boy doing yoga

benefits of yoga

Yoga increases children’s body awareness. This helps them to regulate their movements and recognise how their movements affect those around them. It also brings awareness to what their body is capable of.

Yoga helps children manage anxiety. Breathing exercises and relaxation techniques learned while practicing yoga will help your child manage stress throughout their life.

Yoga increases children’s strength and flexibility. Practicing yoga increases strength and flexibility in growing children. This prompts physical health and reduces the risk of injury.

Yoga improves children’s emotional wellbeing. As well as physical health, emotional health is also improved by practicing yoga. By  practicing mindfulness techniques we learn to be in the present moment which leads to a relaxed state of mind.

Yoga boosts children’s self-esteem. While practicing yoga children learn to listen to their bodies and focus on their own achievements rather than comparing themselves with their peers. Learning a new pose or progressing in one they were struggling with, brings a sense of achievement and personal empowerment.

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