By engaging participants in open ended activities, using natural materials, where the process holds as much importance as the end result, we allow space for learners to explore their creativity in a non-judgmental environment.
Temporary Mud Face on Guardian Tree

Arts and Crafts have been a massive part of my journey from infants through collage. My biggest downfall in Art Collage (and potential career in the art world) was that I could not tie myself to one practice and dedicate time to get good at producing end results which could earn me a living. I enjoy playing, and dipping in and out of every skill I can find a way to experience. 


Arts and Crafts, for me, is about having fun with the process; discovering my own and experimenting with those of others. 


Nature Crafts
Gods Eye made from willow sticks, sheep's wool, wooden beads and beach found shells
Temporary art with dried leaves, petals and mushrooms on a mushroom spore background

Sometimes this produces something I enjoy looking at, sometimes it even produces something others enjoy looking at. Without a fail, it will produce something that evokes an emotion within me, related to the experience I had in the making process. This emotion usually has an effect on what happens with the final product. Whether I keep it, burn it or give it as a gift, the experience stays with me and I learn from it; about myself, about the technique and about the world around me. 



When I offer nature craft classes they come from a place of experimentation, free learning, and fun. My aim is to offer the opportunity to try new skills and experiment with different techniques. Although there will be a final piece one can aim towards completing, if this is helpful for the process, we take a relaxed stance on this and allow participance to stray off the path, if that feels right for them.

Willow Crown decorated with green feathers and string (still going strong 6 months later)
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