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Please read through our terms and conditions carefully before booking any of our services.


At Coille Mara we adopt three Core Values;

I Care for and Respect Myself.  We Care for and Respect Each Other.  We Care for and Respect Nature.

We encourage participants to adopt these values and share them with friends and family.


At Coille Mara we embrace the understanding that risk management is an integral part of life and holistic learning and is vital for learning how to think creatively, solve problems and gain confidence in ones actions. While minimizing unnecessary risk and providing support where risks are taken, we offer an environment which presents a level of risk which allows learners the opportunity to discover what risk is and how to manage it. In the event of discomfort, accident, or injury we have a REC3 First Aid trained member of staff on site at all times.  Please read through our terms and conditions carefully before booking any of our services. 


Whilst we understand that some participants may arrive at Coille Mara holding prejudiced or offensive views, we will not tolerate behavior that allows any member of the group, or of society in general, to feel ostracized, intimidated, or inadequate.  In a case where bullying behavior is reported we adopt a ‘no blame’ approach.We aim to get below the bullying behavior and find what is driving it by helping participants to recognize the effect of their behavior on others. We encourage participants to find their own solutions in the form or agreements which are then upheld by the group together. In the unlikely event that a solution cannot be found, and the behavior continues it may be necessary to involve parents/guardians in discussions. If after all reasonable effort has been made the problem persists we, regrettably, will ask the offending member of the group to leave the program. 


Coille Mara works with learners and their parents/guardians to ensure that all have equal access to the services we provide. We will take time to ensure children with special educational needs are able to experience the six principles of Forest School and the healing effects of Yoga and Crafts. To make this possible it is necessary that we have open communication from parents/guardians regarding what the learners particular needs are before and during the program they are taking part in.


The natural environment is key to Forest School and the continued support of human life on earth. Building a connection to nature will help ensure care and respect for the earth.  Coille Mara aims to maintain a robust environmental and sustainability aware teaching environment. It is of the utmost importance that the Forest School site is managed responsibly. All participants are encouraged to be involved with this. At Coille Mara we follow the passing of the sun and bring learners attention to eight points in the year (Imbolc, Spring, Beltane, Summer, Lughnasa, Autumn, Samhain, Winter) to connect more fully with the changing of the seasons and the world around us. 


At Coille Mara believes that proper use of fire is an important part of children’s learning. We introduce fire once we have become familiar with the learners in the group. Fire is used for cooking on as well as for warmth and the learning experience of lighting, tending and safely putting out fire. If a learner has a particular fear of fire or has had a previous traumatic experience with fire we ask that you inform us prior to the first Forest School session they attend. 


At Coille Mara we understand the relationship between food and mood. One of our core values is to ‘care and respect for myself’. Eating when hungry is central to this. We have a dedicated area for eating, hand washing facilities and hand sanitizer. We encourage learners to check in with themselves and eat when they are hungry rather than wait for somebody to tell them it’s time to eat. Sharing food contributes to the feeling of community and therefore we provide small snacks for learners to share as well as foraging for and preparing food together with learners. For this reason, it is of utmost importance that we know of any allergies learners may have.


At Coille Mara we understand that it the responsibility of the Forest School leader to ensure that all children and adults at the Forest School sessions have access to appropriate first aid treatment.  The administration of medicines is at the discretion of the Forest School leader, but this should not contradict the inclusion and access section. If a learner needs regular medication, please contact us directly to discuss options. Medication can only be administered with the consent and training from a parent or guardian. An action plan for administering any medication must be written up with said person before medication can be administered. When and how medication is to be administered must be laid out clearly in this plan. Mara is has REC3 first aid training and attends refresher courses regularly. 


Coille Mara Forest School enjoys all types of weather and sees opportunities for play and learning in them.  Nevertheless, the safety of participants is never compromised. We will continue forest school sessions in most weather except for high winds in which case the session will be canceled, and arrangements will be made for a session to be added to the end of the program. Where this cannot be offered a refund will be given for the missed session only.

Appropriate clothing must be provided by parents/guardians (waterproofs; boots, trousers, jacket). There will be a sheltered area on wet days, but we encourage learners to embrace to beauty of all-weather types. 


Coille Mara projects are based on a learner–centered, pedagogical approach that is responsive to the needs and interest of learners.  Play and choice are an integral part of the Forest School. Learning process and free play are recognized as vital to learning and development. Practitioners/supporting adults are all part of the learning community and view themselves as learners. Projects are participant driven and whilst national curricula outcomes may be met, they are not the drivers behind a specifically delivered content. Play is a process, it is not about the end product. For play to be truly play it must be freely chosen by the learner and self-directed. It is intrinsically motivated, the learner may not consciously know why s/he is doing what they are doing, we do not have to understand either, we must trust their instincts. Play is fluid and allows learners to ebb in and out following their own ideas and interests. At forest school we give lots of opportunity for open ended play such as a mud hole or a rope. We encourage learners to find their own way and discover what pulls them and when they would rather watch from a distance. To learn more about the learning theories underpinning our forest school programs please visit the learning theories section in our website.


We at Coille Mara are committed to clear and open communication about what goes on at all our events. All stakeholders (staff, parents/carers, learners and volunteers) are part of our Coille Mara extended community and we do our best to keep everyone informed about events, procedures and incidents as appropriate.  If at any point you feel the need for further information, please contact us directly and every effort will be made to give you the information you seek, where appropriate. We are constantly learning and growing so we value any feedback about our services you may have, whether positive or negative, as this helps us to grow in a direction that best serves our community. If you have any feedback please share it with us at mara_e_tolk@protonmail.com . Thank you! 


If you need to cancel your space you must do so at least 3 days prior to the start of the event or else no refund can be given. If we must cancel a session due to weather conditions or personal health, we will make every effort to provide an alternative date for the session. Where this is not possible a refund will be given. 

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